exhibits, exhibiting, exhibited
1) VERB If someone or something shows a particular quality, feeling, or type of behaviour, you can say that they exhibit it. [FORMAL]

[V n] He has exhibited symptoms of anxiety and overwhelming worry...

[V n] Two cats or more in one house will also exhibit territorial behaviour...

[V n] The economy continued to exhibit signs of decline in September.

demonstrate, show
2) VERB: usu passive When a painting, sculpture, or object of interest is exhibited, it is put in a public place such as a museum or art gallery so that people can come to look at it. You can also say that animals are exhibited in a zoo.

[be V-ed] His work was exhibited in the best galleries in America, Europe and Asia.

[V-ed] ...a massive elephant exhibited by London Zoo in the late 19th Century.

Derived words:
exhibition N-UNCOUNT usu for/on N

Five large pieces of the wall are currently on exhibition in London.

3) VERB When artists exhibit, they show their work in public.

By 1936 she was exhibiting at the Royal Academy.

4) N-COUNT An exhibit is a painting, sculpture, or object of interest that is displayed to the public in a museum or art gallery.

Shona showed me round the exhibits.

5) N-COUNT An exhibit is a public display of paintings, sculpture, or objects of interest, for example in a museum or art gallery. [AM]

...an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

(in BRIT, use exhibition)
6) N-COUNT An exhibit is an object that a lawyer shows in court as evidence in a legal case.
7) VERB If you say that someone exhibits something, you mean that they are showing it openly or publicly in order to be admired, noticed, or believed.

[V n] Other women seemed content and even exhibited their bellies with pride...

[V n] He seems to want to exhibit his shame.


English dictionary. 2008.


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